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About Us

Knowledgeable Home Inspectors

Home buyers can take comfort in knowing that we have the experience needed to perform a thorough home inspection. Bringing together over 25 years of inspection experience, coupled with 15 years of Home Improvement contracting, we  provide a  quality inspection, detailed in a comprehensive report. 

Landlords can rely on us to provide the level of inspection required by their local government.

We are State Licensed and insured. We are members of the Maryland Home Inspectors Association, The American Home Inspectors Training Association, The Maryland Realtors Association and  registered with, the Baltimore City  Department of Housing and Community Development.

Attention to detail is importnat when performing a inspection for the pu

We Notice the Little Things

We have your  interest in mind. Whether we are inspecting for the buyer of a home or for a landlord of a rental home, we take pride in the quality of our services.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

We perform several types of inspections. The scope of an inspection dictates the guidelines that are followed.

  • AHSI & Maryland  Standards for the purchase or sale of a home. 

  • The Baltimore County  or Baltimore City Code for  Rental  License Compliance.

  •  Maryland Department of the Environment guidelines for Lead Testing of rental properties built prior to 1978

Our Services

Real Estate Inspections

A home inspection is a visual and non-invasive examination of the structure and its mechanical systems. We inspect your home from top to bottom, recording items that may be of concern. A thorough inspection can take 3-4 hours.

Buying or selling, we provide home inspections that are detail driven. We  provide a comprehensive  and easy to read report using an Inspection Software which provides narratives and pictures. Inspection reports are e-mailed within 24 hours of the inspection.

Real Estate Inspection fees:  


  • 0-1199sq . ft.       $325
  • 1200-1999           $350
  • 2000 -2999          $400
  • 3000-3999           $425
  • 4000-5000           $525

Single Family Homes 

  • 0-1199 sq.ft.   $350
  • 1200-1999      $400
  • 2000-2999      $450
  • 3000-3999      $500
  • 4000-5000      $575


  • 0-1499 sf.ft.  $250
  • 1500-2500    $275
  • > 2500     call for quote

Radon Inspections


$125.00 if performed with a home inspection

Baltimore City & Baltimore County Rental License Inspections

Baltimore City & Baltimore  County require all owners of rental properties to obtain and maintain a Rental License. This license must be renewed every three years for Baltimore County and every 1-3 years for  Baltimore City.

Part of the Licensing requirement is  having  the property inspected by a State Licensed Home Inspector.

At Home Inspection Services, LLC is State Licensed and registered with the Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development, DHCD. 

Baltimore County Inspection fees:

Single Family Home  $85.00
Apts. & Condos $75.00
Multi-property discounts may apply, please call the Office
Baltimore City Inspection fees:

Single Family Home  $150.00
Apts. & Condos $120.00
Multi-property discounts may apply please call the office.

Baltimore City Web-site 
property_registration rental inspections

Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Lead Paint Testing

Maryland (MDE) requires all rental properties built prior to 1978 be registered with the State and be inspected for lead paint. 

A Lead Paint Risk Reduction Inspection is both a visual and sampling gathering process. Once the visual inspection of all painted surfaces passes inspection, the  dust sample collection is performed.  All samples are delivered to the lab the day of testing. Test results are received in 3-5 days.

We provide  the required  forms and send copies for you to the State.

Lead Risk Reduction Insp.  

$85.00 Visual Insp &

$15.00 per sample

Lead Free Inspections 

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